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control all your LEGO® Power Functions with your Mobile or Tablet Device

Hi! I'm SBrick.

I am one fine Piece of Art. A Smart RC Receiver that connects to your mobile or tablet device, allowing you to Control all your LEGO®'s Led, Motor and Power functions from a great distance.
Simple Installation
Upgrade your LEGO® Master Pieces in no time with my two-steps Click and Plug Fast Setup. Simply place me between the motor and the Battery Pack and you are Ready-to-Go!
Clever Design
Considering that I'm shy in nature, my Creators shaped me to blend seamlessly into any LEGO® Creation. Equipped with the most recent Bluetooth Technology I will always fulfill my tasks while staying out of sight!
Endless Possibilities
Fun was named after me! Over 50 Meters Range and Low Latency enables Perfect Steering in tight corners, without ever losing control over your unit. Exact power control means that you can Fine Tune All of your LEGO®'s Functions.

Hi! I'm the App.

I'm a Next Generation RC Mobile App that acts as an Interface between You and your LEGO® Master Pieces while serving as a Gateway between You and the Internet. I'm here to bring your LEGO® Experience to the next level!

Connect with thousands of SBrick users, share your favorite LEGO® Moments. Organize Events and Tournaments.


Add your favorite Creation to the application and customize the settings.


Free remote Control Profiles for the the most popular LEGO® Technic Sets.

sbrick app

If you don’t find a Profile which suits your taste, create one yourself using our Profile Designer. It’s easier than you think!


You can add more creations to the app, each with individual settings!


Build more, play more like never before.

Profile Designer

Your LEGO® model is completed. Now design an interface that matches your imagination, it's never been easier!

sbrick profile designer

Upload images for the background and individual controls to create something personal and unique. You can design the type of remote control interfaces you want to use with each of your creations. By default we provide you with a joystick and different gamepads. You can even use the gyro sensors built into your phone. Use the SBrick app with your design and play the way you always wanted!

Join our SBrick community and show off your design on our social site!

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Start designing now!

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