Formula Off-Roader Pack


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Formula Off-Roader Pack
Formula Off-Roader Pack

In stock



    This Formula Off-Roader Pack contains everything you need to take your 42037 to the next level. The pack includes the following:

    1 x SBrick
    1 x Extension Cable
    1 x Colorful Case pack with 4 different colors
    1 x Instruction set
    1 x Parts List (Bricklink compatible)

    If you have this set and are here, you’ve probably thought to yourself “this would be so much better with an SBrick inside.” And you’d be right!  :)  This Formula Off-Roader Pack brings together all the ingredients you need to transform your off-roader into a special SBrick edition!

    Not only do you get an SBrick, this pack also contains an extension cable and also a set of colorful cases, so you can match your SBrick to your model, if that’s what you want. Instructions are also included - there are 220 clear pages that will ensure transforming your 42037 will be a fun experience.

    Finally, this pack also contains the all-important parts list in Bricklink-compatible form. This means that you will be able to upload your parts list to get the extra parts you will need or, hopefully, you will already have these parts in your toolbox!

    The Formula Off-Roader Pack offers amazing value for money, and you will love your new, updated, off-roader once you’ve finished the build!