SBrick Car Kit

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SBrick Car Kit

This pack brings life to your LEGO® Technic cars! 

This is our most basic pack, but it contains everything what you need to power up your creations!

Lego Technic Power Functions L motor

The L motor one of the best LEGO Power Functions motor with many advantages. It's small, but fast and strong. Easy to build in any Lego Technic creations. It's a perfect motor if you want to speed up your models! 

The pack contains 1 pcs. L motor.

Lego PF servo motor

The Servo motor the best choice for steering. It turns 90° in both ways, and it can be return to the center automatically. 

The Pack contains 1 pcs. Servo motor. 

lego led

LEGO® LED for lights! It can be used for front/rear lights or turn indicators as well!

The pack contains 1 pcs. LED lights. 


The SBrick. With this little birck you will able to control the motors and the LED above trough your mobile or tablet device. Designed to the LEGO® Technic elements, so it's really easy to build in into any models.

The Pack contains 1 pcs. SBrick.

lego pf extension wire

LEGO® Extension wire: with this cable you can connect the SBrick to the Battery Pack.

The Pack contains 1 pcs. Extension wire.

lego Battery

The classic LEGO® battery pack which will power up your model! It works with 6 pcs. removable AA battery.

The Pack contains 1 pcs. Battery box. 

*The red car on the preview picture are not inculded! It's just an illustration.
*The AA batteries are not inculded for the Battery box. 

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