SBrick Light kit

SBrick Light is a smart lighting solution that works with all LEGO products. Using it is as easy as adding LEDs and turning it on. Control it using our SBrick app and set the scene with color. Light makes everything more beautiful! SBrick Light makes a perfect gift as it is simple to use and can work with models small and large, cars, buildings and everything.

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WE RECOMMEND:  If buying SBrick Light *and* other SBrick products, we recommend you split your purchase into two orders and keep SBrick Light separate. We can ship the other products in our store immediately, while SBrick Light is only available to preorder with shipping starting in December, so to ensure you receive your items as quickly as possible, combine all SBrick Lights in one purchase, and all other SBrick products in another, separate purchase.


perfect for cars and smaller projects


1 x Normal Hub, with battery compartment
8 x White LEDs
1 x power supply


SBrick Light is the newest member of the SBrick family and definitely the brightest! It’s a lighting kit that makes LEGO sets more beautiful! It’s also a great choice for hobbyists and people who like making art projects!

This starter kit is perfect for trying out SBrick Light and seeing what it can do. With its 8 white LEDs, it’s the perfect size for players building cars and trucks and other vehicles. It also works outside of LEGO, so is ideal for home art projects!  Lock in the biggest discount now with our preorder, as this is almost $30 off the RRP!

Easy to use, simply connect strands of LEDs to SBrick Light, pick the color and the brightness, and create the perfect lightshow to match your creations. Each strand can be a different color! From buildings to trains, from large MOCs to permanent displays, make them shine with SBrick Light!

SBrick Light works out-of-the-box with our free app. The only thing you will need is power, from either batteries or from the mains. 

There are two different versions of SBrick Light, Normal and Slim! The normal edition has space for 3 batteries, while the slim can only operate using a power supply (but it’s slim!)  Each kit during our preorder comes with a power supply (normally sold separately) and the normal edition uses 3xAAA batteries. 

SBrick Light is available in normal and slim editions

SBrick Light has two rows of 4 connectors, to which you can attach strands of LEDs, giving you incredible options when it comes to lighting your creations. SBrick Light is small enough to place inside trains, and you can use it in other vehicles as well; the batteries will run the lights for hours, and the Bluetooth connection means you can change the color scenes using your smart device.

You can store those color scene settings on the SBrick Light itself, so you can still use the SBrick Light even if you have no smart device at hand. Changing between settings is as simple as pressing the soft button (our logo) on the top of the Light!

SBrick Light is the perfect gift as it works with LEGO sets small and large

The LED strands have been designed to match LEGO dimensions; and our LED strands can be threaded through the holes found in Technic bricks. This will make adding SBrick Light to your models much easier, and lets creators design with less clutter and far fewer cables.


Connect 8 different strands of RGB LEDs, or white LEDs. Strands are custom built by you from the following parts.

  1. LED cable, with either 1 RGB or 1 white LED.
  2. Splitter; lets you connect 3 different white LEDs, each of which you can control independently, instead of one RGB LED.
  3. Replicator; turns one RGB signal into 3 RGB outputs, making it perfect for indicators in cars. Extension cables; as our white and RGB cables are all 5cm.

Diagram that shows possible combinations of LEDsSet each strand to a different color or pattern with our app. SBrick Light will remember the patterns you’ve used; use the soft button to cycle between them!

SBrick Light works with all LEGO sets. Add SBrick Light and make every set more beautiful - it’s the perfect gift for someone who loves LEGO!

It’s also a great gift idea for those who like making art projects for the home. SBrick Light works just as well for these projects as if a hobbyist wants to make something shine, SBrick Light will get the job done!

SBrick Light and SBrick Light Slim are available in 5 different colors. These are white, black, red and yellow, as well as classic grey.

This is our newest product! Buy early to secure your SBrick Light, as the Holiday season is almost here and the biggest discount will be gone once we send SBrick Light out to Youtubers.


What it means is that we are at the stage where we are moving to manufacturing, and need to work out how many we must produce during our first production run. We will be ramping up production immediately, but we’d like to get a good picture of the demand.

Our manufacturing partner is Tungsram; in fact, this is a joint product with the company, and we’re very proud that a company with such a great heritage in lighting has joined with us to make SBrick Light. We have gone through several iterations of prototypes, and have all the pieces together. The only thing we are waiting for is the final packaging design as we move towards production.

As you might know, we launched SBrick and SBrick Plus on Kickstarter through crowdfunding. A preorder provides normal protection for customers as it is a purchase (Kickstarter pledges, legally, are donations). After making a purchase, if you want to change your mind, you can rescind your purchase and you will be refunded. This is not a crowdfunding pledge.

While the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm,” it’s more accurate to say that “the earlier bird gets a juicy worm and the best deal.”  Preorder begins on 14 October and these huge 30%+ savings will remain until SBrick Light is in the hands of Youtubers, so preorder sooner and save!

If you have any questions, please email us at . We’re happy to answer any questions. If the same questions keep popping up, we will create an FAQ here and add the answers to it regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions about SBrick Light

Are the cables stiff or can they make a sharp angel/short radius?

They are not stiff, you will be able to make a short radius turn. However, the cables are very thin, so they will not be able to be bent and then rebent hundreds of times. But yes, you will be able to make sharp turns with the cables.

How many lights can be connected in total?

25 can be attached to each port.  However, the maximum you can attach to each hub is 50.

Is there a maximum of lights?

Yes, see the previous answer.

Is it possible to connect it to a normal LEGO battery box?

No, it can be powered only by a 5V supply.

Is it possible to connect RGB strips to the connectors?

Yes, but you might need to do a little soldering.

Will the LEDs on the PCBs fit into or through 4.8mm Technic holes?

Yes they will.

Depending on the power supply and the drivers inside - how much Amperes/Milliamperes can be supplied to one port?

500mA per port. The maximum the hub can supply is 1A in total

Do you control the anodes or cathodes of the LEDs (if building own LED constructions to connect to the hub?

We control the cathode.

Do LEDs need a current-limiting resistor outside?


How can I program the lights/channels?

Using our app, via an open protocol.

What is the voltage out of the power adapter?


Are the connectors only compatible in the Sbrick Light Product range?


What is the maximum range for the Sbrick Light hub to drive the LED?


SBrick Light can work on 3x AAA batteries as well as with a power supply