SBrick Plus - 2 in 1

SBrick Plus is a brick that you can place into your LEGO® models so you can control them remotely using a smart device like a phone, tablet, gamepad or even Chromebook or PC. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though; SBrick Plus can use sensors from the WeDo 1.0™ family and can be programmed in several languages, so it’s a perfect way to start your journey into programming and robotics.

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Take learning and playing with LEGO® to the next level with SBrick Plus!

Even though the Technic™ family and Education™ products are both LEGO®, there has been no overlap between the two until now. SBrick Plus removes this barrier between the two families and brings those worlds together seamlessly.

SBrick Plus can also work with NXT/EV3 sensors using our adapter which will be available in end of January (2018). 

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AppleGoogle and Microsoft are some of the biggest tech companies in the world. LEGO® is the biggest toy company in the world  SBrick Plus connects them. You can now program with Apple and Google and Microsoft and play with LEGO®, all thanks to the SBrick Plus.

SBrick Plus is the first product to work with Apple’s educational language, Swift Playgrounds. Everyone can code with SBrick Plus.

You can also use the building blocks you already have at home or in the classroom, simply add an SBrick Plus and let your adventure begin!

Home Education
SBrick Plus is simple to use at home. We have created lesson plans and activities that will allow you to learn with your child, giving them a leg-up when it comes to programming and robotics. Even if you’ve never programmed before, we have produced a clear Guide for Parents that will lead you through everything as you experience the fun and satisfaction of learning with your child.

For example, if you have the Fireplane (model 42040) at home then you can build lots of different models using the same parts. We have designed 12 models using this Fireplane, including a robot that can draw, a helicopter and even a band that makes music. These building instructions will be available in the SBrick Education Library. 

The SBrick Education Library contains building instructions as well as lessons built up of activities you can do together with your child. The SBrick Education Library contains lessons that teach programming fundamentals in an immersive way. These lessons have been approved by Professors at Cambridge University- this sets us apart from everything else on the market.

The SBrick Education Library will be available soon. 

Lego Power Functions wedo 1 wedo 2 mindstorms ev3 nxt lego boost

SBrick Plus in the Classroom

SBrick Plus is powerful enough to be used in the classroom by educators teaching programming and robotics. We spoke to hundreds of teachers as we developed SBrick Plus and worked with award-winning educators to produce something ideally suited for education. SBrick Plus is incredibly versatile - our brick is compatible with several of the most important languages - and it also works flawlessly with WeDo™ 1.0 sensors, meaning those kits lying around gathering dust will be useless no more!

Forget about problems with compatibility; start teaching in Scratch, then move on to more complex languages like Swift or JavaScript, all with the same piece of hardware. This allows for continuity in the classroom and ensures that your hardware will grow with you as your coding skills improve; it’s simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for experts and means that with SBrick Plus, educators can concentrate on what they do best, teaching.

Lego Power Functions wedo 1 wedo 2 mindstorms ev3 nxt lego boost


This is the part that’s up to you! With the power and versatility of SBrick Plus, the only limit to what you create is your imagination. Think big, think bigger, then think bigger still and create amazing things with SBrick Plus!

Whether you get an SBrick Plus or SBrick, you get free tools that really complement the things you want to do.

Lego Power Functions wedo 1 wedo 2 mindstorms ev3 nxt lego boost

There’s our SBrick app, which you can download from the either the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store. Our app runs on phones and tablets, and can control both SBrick Plus, SBrick, as well as any combination of the two.

We provide free to use plugins so you can use SBrick Plus with Macbooks, Chromebooks, Windows 10 notebooks, tablets and PC.

For more information check it out our Kickstarter video:

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