SBrick Plus Classroom Kit

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SBrick Plus Classroom Kit

Supercharge your WeDo 1.0 Kits in the classroom with the SBrick Plus!

This pack is for those groups, schools, camps and makerspaces that already have WeDo 1.0 kits and want to revitalize their equipment with the power and freedom that SBrick Plus offers. Unleash your creativity and never be tied to just one language again!


  • 10x SBrick Plus,
  • 10x Extension Wire, 
  • 10x Battery Box, 
  • 10x EV3/NXT Sensor Cable,
  • 10x LED,
  • 10x Servo motor.
You also get 2 lessons from the SBrick Education Library for Apple Swift Playgrounds and Scratch

Apple Swiftscratch

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